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Delivering Driver Education 

Blue Water Driving Academy was started in 1967 by Maurice Voker and taken over in 2002 by Wayne and Kathy McKibbon.

We will teach you all the skills you need to be a safe driver.

Call us to book your appointment.

Our Owen Sound location has full-time dedicated office staff, so we’ll be quick in responding to your calls or emails.



  • Driver education for novice drivers
  • 20 hours of classroom (please refer to schedules for dates)
  • 10 hours of homework
  • 10 hours of in-car 1-on-1training


  • Lessons for seniors facing an upcoming road test - 3 part test
  • Vision knowledge/on-the-road test


  • Individual lessons for novice drivers


  • Defensive driving courses


  • Refresher courses


  • Cars available for road test






The On-Line course consists of 20 hours of online learning which can be done at a student's own pace ( up to 5 hours per day) and a 10 hour homework section. 


The course consists of video, interactive activities and a quiz in each of the 8 modules and a final quiz at the end of the course. 


10 hours of in-car lessons are also included in the course.


Completion of the course comes with the same extra benefits as a classroom course. 

Students can book their G2 road test 8 months after obtaining the G1 licence instead of waiting the normal 1 year and also qualify for an insurance discount. (discounts vary with each insurance company)


Course cost is $619.47 + 80.53 HST


Students can begin the course right away instead of waiting for a classroom slot.





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